Podcasts — 17 May 2012

Fused Forces Interview

Fused Forces:

Fused Forces have been producing Dubstep, Grime & Hip-Hop for the best part of 7 years, collaborating with artists such as Macabre Unit, Slaughter Mob, DJ Cable, Vader, Riko Dan, Sonny Jim and many more of that calibre in the process, making it evident that their technical ability is highly sought after.

With one of their recent productions being used for the Tiger Beer campaign in 2011, it’s easily apparent why they are consistently invited to perform at high profile events and radio shows such as GetDarker TV and also hold a firm listenership on Force FM 106.5 (every Tuesday 10.30-Midnight GMT)

Recognisable technical mixing and an extensive back catalogue of production drawing from their Grime, Hip Hop and Dubstep influences ensure that Fused Forces are showing no signs of their momentum slowing. Keep your eyes peeled for more huge releases and news from the boys.


1. Fused Forces – Vikings (Dub)
2. Fused Forces – City Skyline (Scruffy_Hoodlum)
3. Gadman Dubs – Chocklate Foundation – Fused Forces Remix (Dub)
4. Fused Forces – Cerberus (Dubstrict)
5. Fused Forces – K-Hole (Substance Abuse)
6. Fused Forces – Prefer To Be Plastered (Scruffy_Hoodlum)
7. Fused Forces – Peeper (Getdarker)
8. Fused Forces – Whats Going Down (Substance Abuse)
9. Fused Forces – Molten Rock – BadKlaat Remix (Dub)
10. Roommate & The Bassist – Rub-A-Dub – Fused Forces (Dub)
11. Demon & Fused Forces – Streamroller (Getdarker)
12. Fused Forces – Henry V.I.P (Dub)
13. Fused Forces – Ocean Dawn (Area Recordings)
14. Soundproof & Fused Forces – Disincarnate (Dub)
15. Fused Forces – Muddy Pauper (Dub)
16. Fused Forces – Rise Above It (Dub)
17. Catacombs – Warsaw – Fused Forces (Dub)
18. Fused Forces – Orbit (Dub)



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