Podcasts — 20 March 2012

DJ Rusty

DJ Rusty: 

DJ Rusty known world wide for his music, is a respected Drum and Bass producer from the country of Brazil. Showcasing his sound in various parts of the world like Chile, Argentina, England, Colombia and Venezuela, also at large events in Sao Paulo: Spirit Of London, Marky’s Sessions & Movement.

His first production “Mustang Fast Back” launched by English label “MUZIK HERTZ” on 12″ in 2007, with other releases on Radical Beats, Hammer Records, Federation S and huge track “Scoundrel” played by many DJs in Brazil and abroad including Dj Marky and friends.

Owner of the label “Promo Audio Recordings” first label representing Brazil’s Jump Up scene, releasing music from artists from Brazil and around the world. He recently gave start to his new label ” Love Hurts Records” showcasing Liquid Drum and Bass styles.

Look for his latest release on the respected label “LIQUID V” Bryan Gee (UK) under the name T.5 (Rusty, Level2 and Critycal Dub) Keep your eyes open for DJ Rusty as he is definatly one to watch in 2012.


1. Critycal Dub – Can Ya Feel It (Love Hurts records dub)
2. Riddle – Bass Treble (Love Hurts records dub)
3. Triphonic – Puzzling (Love Hurts records dub)
4. Angel & Spider – Cybertron (Love Hurts records)
5. Dj Rusty – System Failed (V.I.P) (Love Hurts records dub)
6. Level 2 – Tone Tone (V records dub)
7. Fillthy Business – Quest (Love Hurts records dub)
8. Andrezz – Hello SoundBoy (Love Hurts records)
9. Critycal Dub – Close Sky (Love Hurts records)
10. Riddle – You’re Done (Love Hurts records)
11. Dj Rusty – Kinda Girl (Love Hurts recors)
12. Critycal Dub – African Jungle (Love Hurts records dub)
13. Isaac Maya – Cuss Cuss (Love Hurts records dub)
14. Dj Manga-Interview With A Badman (Dub Mix)
15. R:SET – Space time (Love Hurts records)
16. Dj Chap & Critycal DUB – Squarehead (?? dub)
17. Dj Rusty – Scoundrel (VIP) (?? dub)
18. Triphonic ft. Ivette Grau – Brezze (Isaac Maya VIP) (Love Hurts dub)
19. Level 2 – Straight to the Point (??? dub)
20. Angel & Spider – Impact (Love Hurts records)
21. Level 2 & Dj Rusty – Made In Brasil (Love Hurts records dub)




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