News — 31 January 2012

Tectonic Announces Third Compilation in 'Plates' Series

The 13-track compilation is due for release on March 19th, check out the official tracklist below.


1. Kryptic Minds “The Talisman”
2. Addison Groove “Phantom”
3. Tunnidge “Universal”
4. Pinch “Blow Out The Candle”
5. Goth Trad “Mach”
6. Clue Kid “Evolution”
7. Roska “480 BC”
8. Monky “Float”
9. Ginz “Chrome”
10. OM Unit “Preshah”
11. Kevin McPhee “Outs”
12. Illum Sphere “Promise A Secret”
13. 2562 “Rogue State”


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