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Kozee Interview

Kozee – Bio

Kozee has been an integral part of Dubstep in the states since 2005 and is now considered to be an integral part of the now burgeoning bass music scene in the States. Kozee attributes her love affair with music early; at the age of 7, she compiled her first mixtapes, inadvertently on the path towards creating her own music one day. It was in the early 90’s she started collecting jazz, hip-hop, and jungle vinyl and in building mixtapes she landed an opening slot for DJ Maseo of De La Soul.

With the insurgence of Grime that had made its way to the US in 2004 and 2005 Kozee quickly became a fan. She compiled her first Dubstep mix in June 2006, she toured UK and Sweden in 2008, was a featured artist on one of the biggest tunes of 2009 (Crack, DZ feat Kozee, played by Crookers, Rusko, Diplo), and recently San Francisco Weekly named Kozee one of four’ Dubstep Ambassadors’ of San Francisco and has continued to receive many accolades from national and international media.

Kozee draws inspiration from multi-genera bass music. She has released with 119 Sound, Audio Doughnuts, Badman Press, Badman Digital, Brapdem, Hot N Heavy Recordings, and Sounds of Sumo, Slit Jockey. With four current releases and a handful of giveaways in 2011 and now forthcoming remixes plus two forthcoming EPs’ in 2012 , Kozee has shown us that she is determined to be at the top of her game .

Keeping Up With Kozee

San Francisco based DJ/Producer Kozee (aka Marina Patino) has been one of the most recognizable names in the West Coast Bass scene for quite some time now. We had a chance to catch up with her on Valentines Day to chat about her latest production entitled “Winter Wifey,” a funky 4×4 track that was released today on her official Bandcamp page. She has also included an exclusive podcast for us that you can stream/download at the bottom of the page. After DJing for many years, what led you into the realm of producing your own music?

Kozee: Well, I knew I have wanted to write music as soon as I wanted to DJ but I knew I wanted to get a bunch a DJing done before I started to make music. Your latest “Winter Wifey” is a great funky house track, what made you decide to release it independently through Bandcamp? How long have you been experimenting with house?

Kozee: Thank you, I think after I had written it and was sitting on it a bit I decided that with Bandcamp I could be in control of the release date, the art, the promo and marketing and that is very appealing to me. I’ve been interested in House since I was 16 but was very heavily involved with hip hop more so it wasn’t until that last few years that I have been researching the sound more. If you listen to my other stuff I have release with Badman Digital and Hot and Heavy you will find that it is a bit integral in that production too. How would you describe your current sound?

Kozee: I think at times it is whimsical, I think at times its sexy and emotional, I know I can write a bunch of different types of music but I think I want it to hold those emotions. Have you experienced any adversity as a female artist coming up?

Kozee: Yes of course I have but I think if you want something bad enough then you will stay positive about the situation and push forward as I have. What is your favorite part of living in the Bay Area?

Kozee: There is a great vibe I get from walking in the streets, the architecture, the DJ culture is amazing, I love the fact that it is also a huge international city, I love hearing the different languages as I walk down the street or enter a business. What are your plans for the year, any special gigs or scheduled releases?

Kozee: I will probably continue to release through Bandcamp for the year. I did a remix for Kush Aurora that will be released with Top Billin very soon. I have a current remix I am working on for DJ Wonder. Talks have been made to release an EP with Sounds of Sumo and Audio Doughnuts and I always have at least 6 tunes I’m working on continually.

Kozee – Podcast #5 mixed by Kozee (Feb ’12)

1. Ghost Note – Real
2. Tony Goods – Friends
3. French Fries – Hugz (Feat. Bambounou)
4. DJ K Millz – Gypsy Run
5. Distal & Wheez-ie – Hard House Cheer Squad
6. Arctic – Kings
7. DJ J Heat – She Just Want To Dance (Chicago Club Version)
8. Goldhammer – Love
9. Kingdom – Hottest In America
10. Resketch – Hear Me
11. Hollis P Munroe – I’m Lonely
12. Juicy J – Who The Neighbors (DJ Slink Rmx)
13. Jay Z & Kanye – Niggas In Paris (Quality Trap – More Rmx)
14. Walton – Aggy
15. Dizzee Rascal – I Luv U
16. J Sweet – Can’t Stop My Grime (Starkey Rmx)
17. Guido – Mad Sax (DJ Slink Rmx)
18. Starkey Ft. Merkey Ace & Kozzie – PC
19. Joker – Gully Brook Lane
20. Trickdaddy Feat. Trina – Nann (Clicks & Whistles Rmx)
21. Kozee – Westcoast Dime

Download: Kozee – Podcast #5 mixed by Kozee (Feb ’12)



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