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Jumpin Jack Frost Interview

Jumpin’ Jack Frost – Bio

Bitten by the music bug at a tender age, South Londoner Jumping Jack Frost hit the DJ circuit at 18, mixing funk, hip hop and original breakbeats and diving into the acid house circuit via the Carwash nights in the late 80’s. When the rave scene exploded Frost was at its forefront, enjoying the freedom of going with the flow and mixing drastically different styles of music to suit the mood of the moment. Frost went on to headline many legendary events of the era including Sunrise and Energy. His friendship with Bryan Gee was formed when Frost heard Bryan’s diverse set in a small south London bar. Bryan left his promotions job at Outta Rhythm with some demos by then unknown Bristol artists Roni Size and Krust, the two teamed up and started their own label, V Recordings, to release them.

In 1993, Frost produced one of jungle’s most seminal anthems: ‘The Burial’. Recorded as Leviticus with a young engineer called Dillinja at the controls and Optical on the vocal mix, the sound was too hardcore for the experimental and cutting-edge V and Philly Blunt was formed. The exemplary rise of both labels is illustrated by the success of the ‘V classic’ album released in 1997 which confirmed Frost and Bryan as leading forces on the scene on both sides of the Atlantic.

Since then, Frost has concentrated on his DJ career, headlining at festivals like Reading, Homelands and Tribal Gathering and travelling the world, from Costa Rica to Tokyo, Vancouver to Moscow. With his unstoppable energy, his eclectic taste and distinctive mixing style, Jumping Jack Frost is still one of the most charismatic ambassadors of the scene.

Jumpin’ Jack Frost Interview

This summer Chronic releases it’s 3rd installment of the notorious Big Bad & Heavy series compiled by Jumpin’ Jack Frost, one of the driving forces behind V Recordings/Chronic/Philly Blunt. The 23 track compilation includes new material from Capone, Heist, Serum, DJ Chap, Level 2, Cabbie and more.

As a respected DJ, artist and label curator, Jumpin’ Jack Frost has a deep history in Drum & Bass. Lets get to know the man behind the music and find out what’s new with Chronic and his new apparel line TEAM FROST. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us about the latest Big Bad Heavy album release. You and Bryan Gee have been quite busy running many of dnb’s longest standing labels, V Recordings/Philly Blunt/Chronic. What would you say is the secret to your success?

Jumpin’ Jack Frost: Thank you for having me its my pleasure. I think we have just always maintained the same attitude to the music that we release on our labels. Bryan Gee is for me the best A&R man in the business so that makes it easier for us to operate at the level we want to in regard to the music we release. The Big Bad & Heavy compilations always pack a punch, equally enjoyed by dj’s who quickly take advantage of the high quality material to boost their sets, or the everyday junglist who might keep these tunes stocked on a mobile device. What tracks did you gravitate to during the selection process?

Jumpin’ Jack Frost: The selection process was a mission because of the sheer quality of the tracks that had been submitted . I would hate to have to pick out tunes from each other because they all make the project what it is. There are tracks that are coming out after on BBH Xtra that are not on the album but are in the mix so watch out for those coming soon on Chronic. After viewing your documentary “Diary of a DJ”, which followed you on the road during a busy but common night, you completed 4 gigs; Oxford, Brixton, Shogun Audio’s night Cable, and Jungle Mania. How do you stay on top of your game during such a hectic night?

Jumpin’ Jack Frost: The diary of a dj is a insight to how it is on the road for me and the team. Not all nights are as manic as that night but when they are I just maintain focus and get bits of sleep in the car in between gigs. I drink lots of water and remain clear headed throughout the whole night. Do you plan on releasing any of your new material on V/PB or Chronic?

Jumpin’ Jack Frost: I have no current plans on recording as I’m so busy with other things like my Team Frost brand that is taking up lots of my time at the moment. I am doing merchandising with t-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets etc. New fans may not be familiar with your alias such as Delano (6) and Leviticus, back track to 1993 once the “Burial” was completed, did you have a feeling or premonition that this would later be considered a true jungle classic?

Jumpin’ Jack Frost: When I recorded The Burial I never imagined that the record would become as popular as it has proved to be at all. For the record to be considered a classic is a huge honor for me and it does give me great pleasure. With more dance music fans discovering the history of jungle every day, it must be rewarding to see more appreciation for what you have been doing all along. Thoughts?

Jumpin’ Jack Frost: Jungle is appreciated by so many people from all genres of music and that’s such a lovely thing to see. Dnb/Jungle has come full circle with nice vocals and funky beats. Lots of people have worked very hard for this music and its nice to see it loved by so many. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule, you are a true legend and it is an honor for us here at, any shouts to your fan-base around the world?

Jumpin’ Jack Frost: I would just love to shout out all the people over the years that have supported me and bought our records God Bless you all…

Big Bad And Heavy Part 3

Jumpin Jack Frost Presents: Big Bad & Heavy Part 3
Label: Chronic
Release/Catalogue Number: BBH021

Purchase at: junodownload

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