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Fused Forces Interview

Fused Forces – Bio

Fused Forces have been producing Dubstep, Grime & Hip-Hop for the best part of 7 years, collaborating with artists such as Macabre Unit, Slaughter Mob, DJ Cable, Vader, Riko Dan, Sonny Jim and many more of that calibre in the process, making it evident that their technical ability is highly sought after.

With one of their recent productions being used for the Tiger Beer campaign in 2011, it’s easily apparent why they are consistently invited to perform at high profile events and radio shows such as GetDarker TV and also hold a firm listenership on Force FM 106.5 (every Tuesday 10.30-Midnight GMT)

Recognisable technical mixing and an extensive back catalogue of production drawing from their Grime, Hip Hop and Dubstep influences ensure that Fused Forces are showing no signs of their momentum slowing. Keep your eyes peeled for more huge releases and news from the boys.

Fused Forces Interview

With over 20 releases to date, Fused Forces (aka Adam Adsassin and Daniel Moriatti) are visionaries in the UK Dubstep scene. We recently had a chat with the duo about their label, some upcoming projects and Scruffy Hoodlum their monthly club night in Southend. They were also kind enough to hook us up with a special exclusive mix which features a bunch of their older and unreleased productions, stream/download below! Fused Forces became wildly popular in the realm of dubstep near its inception. How do you stay true to the essence of that sound with all of the changes in “bass music” these days?

Fused Forces:  We’ve always tried to keep our tracks diverse and varied in style. Neither of us have ever been into “jumping on the bandwagon” so to speak, and have always been strong believers in having your own unique identity as an artist. With any art form comes a need for belonging and fitting in. I think the more you critically listen to other music within the same genre, the more likely you are to find yourself in the studio subconsciously and unintentionally mimicking sounds/noises heard. We’ve always had a varied musical taste over the years, so we find influences from across the board. This way we keep a totally fresh outlook when we sit down to write a track, and are largely uninfluenced by the standard sounds within a genre. What should we expect from your forthcoming mix tape?

Fused Forces: Our mix CD entitled “Remain Unlabeled” (Mixed by DMC champion DJ Cable) originally came about when we realised we had many tracks outside of our known genre of Dubstep. We have always had strong roots within Hip Hop and Grime and have had many of our tracks vocalled (be it in our studio or elsewhere). We were left with a collective of finished tracks that had no direction with regards to release. This was when we formed Remain Unlabeled. We sourced many of our favourite artists to feature on the project, including Sean Price, Riko, Sonny Jim, Blacks, Central Spillz all adding their vocal input. If you’re familiar with our usual Dubstep style, then expect something slightly different here, each track has a different vibe in terms of category and style with the addition of DJ Cable blending and cutting the tracks into a mix. Plus amazing artwork from designer Sam Peet, which all just compliments the overall diversity of the final product. Expect Remain Unlabeled to hit all good retail shops and online stores soon. How long have you been involved with the night “Scruffy Hoodlum”

Fused Forces: We originally formed Scruffy Hoodlum in 2007 as a record label to release tracks from ourselves and other artists. Following 2 vinyl releases, Scruffy Hoodlum was suspended indefinitely as a record label. We struck upon the idea to host a Scruffy Hoodlum event with SDot around Xmas 2008. The night was held upon a boat on the River Thames, and it was a sell out by midnight! It was then we decided between the 3 of us to push Scruffy Hoodlum as an event. From the initial boat party,  moving onto Plan B in Brixton, to our home county at The Royal Hotel in Southend, Essex. Any forthcoming releases on Substance Abuse?

Fused Forces: We are currently working on our album, which is going to be put out through Substance Abuse, leading up to that we are looking to put out a limited 12” sampler too. Info will be revealed on both in due time. We love Badklaat’s take on Fused Forces – Molten Rock, do you have any other remixes planned for so far this year?

Fused Forces: Firstly thanks a lot! We really feel he has done a top notch job there, props to Badklaat. We have a lot more collaborations and remixes this year, which will slowly appear here and there. As well as more material with BadKlaat. We have works with Redman & Icarus, Soundproof, Requake, Mr Boogie, Duskdown, Se Fire, Sparxy, DubFreq, Catacombs, and Trashbat.  And this list is expanding by the day. How do you usually get together in the studio, do you live close by to each other?

Fused Forces: We both live within a few miles of each other, so getting in the studio isn’t too much of a chore! At least once a week we sit down to make music. A lot of our tracks are made individually, but they all go under the Fused Forces name. Who are some of your favorite artists at the moment?

Fused Forces: BadKlaat, Requake, Mr Boogie, Soundproof, and of course all of the artists and producers we have been working with of late. Also loving ARP 101, Kromestar & Jay 5ive, Samiyam, Jubei, Scuba, Compa, Demon & Ollie 303 at the moment. If you could choose anywhere in the world, where would you like to perform?

Fused Forces: That’s a good question. As for country we’d have to say the U.S. It would be great to soak up the vibes stateside! It would also be wicked to play some more Festivals, Outlook being high on the list. Any words of wisdom or shouts?

Fused Forces: First and foremost thanks to for asking us to do the interview. We enjoyed playing some of our older tracks in the mix! Massive thanks to everyone who has supported us during the last several years, be it buying our records, supporting us at gigs, or given us feedback. It gives us the drive to continue releasing music. As for words of wisdom, Stay true to yourself…….as long as you enjoying what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter what others think. Great music is made from freedom and moving outside the box. Following others and sticking to formulas aren’t good breeding grounds for creativity. People spend too much time watching what others are doing. And while it’s good to take inspiration from all areas, its best to have your own strong musical identity.



1. Fused Forces – Vikings (Dub)
2. Fused Forces – City Skyline (Scruffy_Hoodlum)
3. Gadman Dubs – Chocklate Foundation – Fused Forces Remix (Dub)
4. Fused Forces – Cerberus (Dubstrict)
5. Fused Forces – K-Hole (Substance Abuse)
6. Fused Forces – Prefer To Be Plastered (Scruffy_Hoodlum)
7. Fused Forces – Peeper (Getdarker)
8. Fused Forces – Whats Going Down (Substance Abuse)
9. Fused Forces – Molten Rock – BadKlaat Remix (Dub)
10. Roommate & The Bassist – Rub-A-Dub – Fused Forces (Dub)
11. Demon & Fused Forces – Streamroller (Getdarker)
12. Fused Forces – Henry V.I.P (Dub)
13. Fused Forces – Ocean Dawn (Area Recordings)
14. Soundproof & Fused Forces – Disincarnate (Dub)
15. Fused Forces – Muddy Pauper (Dub)
16. Fused Forces – Rise Above It (Dub)
17. Catacombs – Warsaw – Fused Forces (Dub)
18. Fused Forces – Orbit (Dub)



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