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Eveson Interview

Eveson – Bio

Originally hailing from Glastonbury, UK and nurtured on a strict diet of mix tapes, raving in fields and doodling in school books, producer, DJ and illustrator Eveson has been making his journey through the deeper spectrum of drum & bass since the mid 2000’s. His soulful and groove driven take on the music has been snapped up by the likes of Good Looking, 31 Records and current home V Recordings, whilst his visual artwork has graced the sleeves of Metalheadz, Exit and his own ongoing Art/Music fusion project, Channel 82.

Now based in London and having spent the last two years developing his sound beyond the confines of 170 BPM, Eveson’s debut album marks a brave departure in what people have come to expect from both him as an artist and V as a label. The Last Summer Of Love is a mixed tempo affair that fuses his love of soul, blues, jazz, dub, folk and 60s/70s psychedelic rock with early 90s rave and trip hop, downtempo, jungle and contemporary bass music. Put simply, a melting pot of blissed-out melodies, beats, bass and vibes that you can both chill and rave to in equal measure. From the jazz-tinged, dulcet tones of Watershed to the euphoria-inducing bassline workout of Bluebirds And Powder, Eveson invites the listener on a musical voyage through his very own influences.

Drawing on his background in the visual arts, it’s only natural that the presentation of The Last Summer Of Love takes as much precedence as the music itself. Illustrating and designing the entire package from top to bottom and utilising his recent excursion into printmaking, Eveson has not only screen printed each sleeve by hand but produced an additional run of 12×12″ limited edition art prints to be included in both the 12″ sampler and double LP to create a truly unique and collectable vinyl package.

The Last Summer Of Love is undoubtedly the best work yet from one of V Recording’s most exciting producers and just the beginning of a new era of musical and visual exploration by the artist.

Eveson’s DJ Bookings are handled by GRAM Agency. Please contact [email protected] for any enquiries.

Eveson Interview: The Last Summer Of Love

Bassmusic.me: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us, lets kick it off by telling everyone where you are from originally.

Eveson: Glastonbury, UK, home to the world famous and legendary festival of the same name, so I grew up with some of the most amazing musical experiences available of the time on my doorstep (age 13, standing on stage with Orbital as they played to a hundred thousand people under a setting sun was quite a moment)

Bassmusic.me: Can you tell us what the summer of 2012 has been like for you?

Eveson: Hard work! I’ve been tying up the album stuff, and working hard at getting it out there, the music was only one part of the project, the other side was the creation of the artwork (I initially worked as a designer/illustrator before releasing music) and screen printing the entire package myself as well as art print inserts, over the entire project I pulled ink across a screen over 5000 times….It was worth the effort though, I’m stoked with how the final package looks. I documented the entire process from pencil work to packing the records and you can check out a gallery of the project here >> http://alex-eveson.tumblr.com/

Bassmusic.me: What was your concept behind the creation of the album artwork?

Eveson: ‘The Last Summer Of Love’ references the two musical and political movements of the same name (60s hippies and late 80s/early 90s ravers essentially) and I wanted the art to reflect the psychedelic vibe and imagery of those scenes. Content wise, the cover art encapsulates the light/dark contrast present in my both my own music and the sound I find most appealing to listen to. I’ve always been most drawn to stuff that can sound both beautiful yet still have dark, melancholic, edgy undertones which is probably why 90s trip hop and drum and bass resonated so strongly with me.

Bassmusic.me: Tell us about the track you did with vocalist and California native Jo-S, whats it like collaborating overseas?

Eveson: I’d been wanting to work for him for a while as the tune’s he’d made with Lenzman (Fade Away and Emeralds) were some of my favourite vocal things in ages and the album seemed like the perfect opportunity. It was pretty simple, I fired over an instrumental, he vibed off it and threw back some rough vocals in no time. He also dabbles in production himself so was able to record and send me back the fully compressed stems and harmonies ready for me to pretty much drop straight into the track. it was a pleasure working with him and we’ll be doing more stuff in the future, I just sent him a brand new instrumental the other day which he’s going to be having a go at.

Bassmusic.me: You have been lending your artistic talents to the label as well, this would not be the first time you have designed for a record label, tell us about your previous works?

Eveson: I initially started designing sleeves for Renegade Recordings back in 2003 after sending them an early demo cd I designed to look like a small vinyl sleeve. I’d only been writing tunes for 6 months so the music wasn’t quite up to scratch but the artwork impressed them enough to hire a wet behind the ears 21 year old as their designer. After that I got to experiment with my style producing flyers for a wicked Bristol based night called ‘Intrigue’ which was the place to be for deeper styles of d&b at the time and I got pretty much free reign with those, which managed to catch the eye of dBridge/Exit and Metalheadz who I produced sleeves for for a good while. The sleeve I made for the first ‘Exit Aptitude’ release was a particularly proud moment as it was dBridge’s idea to make a release that highlighted both musical and artistic ability for the full package. I had the idea to include a poster of the art in the sleeve and the release and the package went down a storm, the 1000 ltd edition was sold out in 3 days and up on ebay for £45 within the week, it really goes to show the hype that can be created around a well thought out package.


Bassmusic.me: In the past you have expressed your love of vinyl, how many records do you currently have in your collection?

Eveson: Around about 2000, mostly d&b but some great classics as well from Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Massive Attack etc…it would be more but I’ve been moving house constantly for the last 10 years and carting around half a tonne of vinyl (literally) really takes its toll so I had to taper the amount of stuff I acquire until I’m more settled. I’d like to go back and re-buy as many of my favourite albums throughout history on vinyl once I’ve got somewhere more permanent to keep everything, it may not be practical but it’s still the most pleasurable way to own and listen to music for me.

Bassmusic.me: What are you favorite sports activities? Do you still ride BMX?

Eveson: I’m a bit of a fair weather BMXer to be fair, just something I like to mess about with when the sun’s shining and I need to get outside. I did most ‘extreme’ sports at some point when I was younger, I just had an urge to go fast and throw myself off roofs/down handrails, now Snowboarding is my main thing, I’m heading back out to the Alps this winter for 5 months to write tunes, ride and run the club nights I’ve been doing out there for the last few years.

Bassmusic.me: Tell us about your events in France? What brought you to the French Alps?

Eveson: I’ve been doing snowboard seasons for the last eight years and been based in Morzine for the last five. It started as a side thing to earn some extra cash out there while i was riding, making beats and doing freelance design on top of my usual gigs but I found a wicked little back street venue called ‘Cafe Chaud’ that was up for giving a weekly a try. It soon became the busiest night in town and is consistently rammed week in week out and I get to experiment more playing whatever music I’m feeling at the time as people are there more just for the party than for me to showcase my own music which is the case for the usual gigs I get booked for. The owner wants me to do 2 nights a week now so I’ll be splitting it into d&b sessions on Sunday (the big one, there’s no such thing as the weekend out there, any night can be party night if people are up for it) and house/techno/garage/bass music in the week. I’m looking to doing some bigger scale promotions out there in the future as it’s just a great party atmosphere, all the UK crew are stoked to have a little bit of back home out in the alps.

Bassmusic.me: Tell us about your label Channel 82, how long have you been releasing records on your own? Anything new in the pipelines?

Eveson: It just dawned on me some years ago that as I was able to produce both the packaging and the music, starting a label for my own productions just made a lot of sense, I’ve only put 6 records out over the last few years (having to concentrate on the album slowed things down massively) but the last two releases saw me releasing other peoples music for the first time and playing around with putting other bpms and styles out there, now the album’s done and dusted I’m going to picking things up with Channel 82, really pushing the art/music package concept to the full and utilizing my screen print capabilities to the full. I’ve got a 12″ EP featuring Theory, Sam KDC & Hydro, Grimm & Stranjah and Tim Reapah & Drumlinezz lined up for early next year that goes deep on a rootsy jungle vibe, as well as a 7″ downtempo release from a super talented guy called Sina. where I’ve commissioned a remix from Silent Dust. As to how I’ll fit back into the scheme of things, I’ll probably use Channel 82 for my more experimental leftfield and downtempo output while I push my more upfront musical rollers out through the V family.

Bassmusic.me: Who are some of your favorite musicians?

Eveson: Jimi Hendrix, John Martyn, Marvin Gaye, Roy Ayers, The JBs, Nick Drake, Ry Cooder, John Frusciante and all band members of Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Velvet Underground and Can.

Bassmusic.me: Where can Eveson fans catch your next big performance?

Eveson: My last UK gig before I head away will be at Rhythm Factory in London on the 7th with Bailey, Mr Joseph and the Fizzy crew for their xmas party which is always fun, then I’ll be off to tear up the Alps so come check out Morzine if you fancy some serious beats and boarding for a week. I should sort something in the US also, been meaning to for ages, I should make it happen…

Bassmusic.me: Thanks again for the podcast! Any closing words?

Eveson: Yeah, my mix for this podcast highlights the kind of set I like to play when I’m not being booked for D&B (especially towards the latter half), I have a great time rolling out eclectic sets and mixing through the genres so am always up for any non D&B bookings, get at my agent if you’re interested: [email protected]

Also check out http://alexeveson.com for everything else from purchasing art prints to finding me on the social networks.


Eveson – bassmusic.me Podcast #11 mixed by Eveson (Nov ’12)

01: Eveson – Numbers (Sam KDC’s ‘All The Way’ Remix)
02: Orbital – Funny Break (One Is Enough)
03: Vibrasphere – Erosion
04; Jamie Woon – Night Air
05: Florence & The Machine – You Got The Love (The XX Remix)
06: julio Bashmore – Around
07: Gill Scott Heron & Jamie XX – I’ll Take Care Of You
08: Eveson – Stoned Love
09: Eveson – Bluebirds & Powder
10: Shut Up & Dance – Epileptic (Martyn Remix)
11: Martyn & Mike Slott – All Nights
12: Joy O – Jels
13: Floating Points – Arp3
14: Joachim Pastor – Le Poulain
15: Caribou – Sun (Midland re-edit)
16: Fatboy Slim – Rockafellar Skank (Koen Groenveld Remix)
17: Scuba – Ne1butu
18: Goldie – Kemistry (Justin Martin Remake)
19: DJ Rum – Mountains Pt. 1 (Pedestrian Pirate Radio Remix)
20: Blawan – Getting Me Down
21: West Norwood Cassette Library – Get Lifted
22: Zero B – Lock Up
23: Carl Cox – I Want You (Forever)
24: Liquid – Sweet Harmony
25: Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy
26: M-Beat – Sweet Love (Ft. Nazlyn)

Eveson - The Last Summer Of Love

Eveson – The Last Summer Of Love LP
Label: V Recordings
Release/Catalogue Number: PLVLP003
Release Date: 1 October, 2012

Digital Purchase: junodownload
Vinyl Purchase: juno



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