Eveson Interview: The Last Summer Of Love

Eveson – Bio Originally hailing from Glastonbury, UK and nurtured on a strict diet of mix tapes, raving in fields and doodling in school books, producer, DJ and illustrator Eveson has been making his journey through [...]

Jumpin’ Jack Frost Interview: Big Bad & Heavy Pt. 3

Jumpin’ Jack Frost – Bio Bitten by the music bug at a tender age, South Londoner Jumping Jack Frost hit the DJ circuit at 18, mixing funk, hip hop and original breakbeats and diving into the [...]

Goth Trad Interview: New Epoch

Goth Trad – Bio A unique producer with a unique style, Goth-Trad (of Rebel Familia) has emerged from the Japanese electronic scene in the last few years as one of the most arresting artists from his [...]

Fused Forces Interview

Fused Forces – Bio Fused Forces have been producing Dubstep, Grime & Hip-Hop for the best part of 7 years, collaborating with artists such as Macabre Unit, Slaughter Mob, DJ Cable, Vader, Riko Dan, Sonny Jim [...]

Keeping Up With Kozee

Kozee – Bio Kozee has been an integral part of Dubstep in the states since 2005 and is now considered to be an integral part of the now burgeoning bass music scene in the States. Kozee [...]

Kabuki Interview: Club Sessions

Kabuki – Bio “Kabuki aka Jan Hennig is one of the elder statesmen of Continental European Drum & Bass. Together with his partner Mainframe aka Frank Marheineke he released under many monikers, most notable as Makai [...]